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Nunc pellentesque vitae urna eget aliquam

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Dogs are said to be the most adorable pets and considered to be friendly with people. When you have the dogs in the house it is important that it is trained to be in a dog fence to ensure its safety and security. Now, the question here is that what is actually a dog fence and why does one actually need it? In simple words, it is an electronic fence which is used to keep the pet within the confined boundaries of the fence without any physical barrier as such. The pet wears a lightweight collar which will emit a sound when it gets close to the boundary or a mild electronic shock is sent through the collar when the pet crosses the boundary limit. The provocation of the shock is done frequently and that will play as a catalyst for the dog to stay away from the boundaries and in turn, it becomes a virtual fence for the dog. However, it is said that the electronic fence might not be effective enough if in case the dog is over excited and bounds to go near to the boundaries.

Pets fencing

There are variants when we consider dog fences, there is a wire which is basically buried under the ground which will send radio signals when the dog goes off the boundary. The other kind is said to be wireless, where the navigation is made through radio signals from a central unit and activate when the pet travels beyond the boundary. And there is another type which works based on GPS signals that determine the proximity to the predetermined virtual fence and there is no need for any physical installation of it as well. In addition to all this, it is said that the collars have different options to set the Zuket collar too for the pet to remain in the boundaries.

Types of dog fence

It is a fact that there are various kinds of dog fences available and it would be good if one is able to find the right kind for their own pet. Wooden fences are said to be good in shackle for the intruders and ensure the dogs don’t jump over it. Chain link fences are considered to be durable and long-lasting as they have several posts that are attached to the heavy chain links. A solid boundary for the dog can be achieved with picket fences that look attractive and are made out of wood. Invisible fences are usually invisible, as the electric wire is installed under the ground and when the dog is close enough to the boundary, in that case, there is a beep sent out and a mild electric shock as well. Privacy fences can be constructed with different kinds of materials and it is said to be anywhere between 6 to 8 feet high. There is a choice to make while constructing these privacy fences. It can be a pressured treated wood or natural wood or you can go for vinyl privacy fence as well.

Best Dog Fences

There are many retailers that are into the sales of dog fences, but what matters the most is selecting the right one and ensuring that it is safe for the dog as well. Dogfence shopping is considered to be the best in selling the best and quality dog fences for your pet dogs. It is a fact that there a few retailers that charge higher prices. When you are shopping at Dogfence we assure you that you will get the best dog fence with the highest quality at the lowest price you could fathom with. Our sponsor, Discount Dog Fence Superstore is in the lead when it comes to providing underground electric dog fencing. At dog fence shopping the customer can have the privilege to have free shipping, wire upgrade and batteries with the PetSafe brand. People have the knowledge of dogs and their behavior; they will help you to choose the appropriate kind of fence for your pet without any doubt. And the best part is that they also have a thorough knowledge of how the complete fence system would work. It is not about just saying, the professionals here ensure that the dog is trained well enough to stay within the boundaries.

How do dog fences work?

Initially, a transmitter is installed in a convenient location it can be a garage or a basement. On a later note the wire loop is placed under the ground and then the transmitter will send a radio signal through the wire which gets picked up by the Snoota receiver on the collar of the dog. When the dog gets close to the wire, the radio signal is sent so that the pet owner is alerted.

Dog Fence Training

The boundary for the electronic fence is marked by flags which will create visible boundary line for the pet. It is advisable for the owner of the pet to spend at least 15 minutes twice every day for two weeks with the pet for it to be trained around the flag boundary. When the dog gets close to the flag mark, it is intended to be said “NO” and appreciate it for doing so and that will help the dog to stay away from the flag boundaries. Once, the dog is familiar with the boundaries, the flags can be removed, always ensure to appreciate your pet and that will do the trick for you.