A wireless dog fence could come really handy as there is no need for installing the wire under the ground. All you need to do is plug in the transmitter somewhere around the house in an unobtrusive manner and that will emit a radio signal around the house. Your pet will get to wear a lightweight receiver collar which will receive the radio signals from the transmitter.
The pet is free to run and play around the house, when it reaches the boundary there will be a warning beep sound sent to the collar asserting it that it is near the boundary and has to refrain from going beyond the set boundary line. And if in case, if your pet doesn’t stop, in that case, a light static energy pulse is sent through the collar to alert the dog to stop and that will be an aide for your dog to learn about the boundaries and ensure that it doesn’t go beyond or near to it.
The wireless dog fence is considered to be the best, as it is easy to use and monitor the movements of the dog from anywhere around the house and be carefree.